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Haute Curls
Our Haute Curls collection is the best hair texture for our 3c/4a curly girls. It blends well with your natural hair texture or if you prefer a full sew in weave, it looks as believable as if it is your own. Similar to a curly girl with a 3c/4a texture the hair loves water and is easily detangled with your fingers or a paddle brush. This hair becomes curlier once wet. *Price posted is per bundle* *We no longer offer Shea Moisture products with our orders, they are sold separately*
Haute Curls


100% Virgin Human Kinky hair. Bundles are approximately 4 oz. You will need at least 2 bundles for a full head weave or full wig, or only two bundles if you are doing a partial weave or half wig. The model is wearing our Haute Curls collection in 16", 18" and 20", as a full head weave.